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Updated on: April 3, 2018

 Best Bike TrailerProduct DimensionsWeightPrice 
Best Bike Trailer Overall: Pacific Cycle Schwinn Trailblazer8" L x 27" W x 32" H24 lb$162.49View on Amazon
Best Value for Money Bike Trailer: InStep Take 2 Double6" L x 27" W x 32" H23 lb$108.96View on Amazon
Best Durable Bike Trailer: Burley Design Bee36" L x 30" W x 32.25" H19.95 lb$239.20View on Amazon
Best Jogger Bike Trailer: Allen Sports Child Jogger9.37" L x 20.08" W x 31.5" H31.61 lb$159.99View on Amazon
Best Versatile Bike Trailer: Aosom Elite II 3-in-1 Double34.25" L x 36" W x 32" H45 lbfrom $139.99View on Amazon
Best Bike Trailer for Dogs: Burley Tail Wagon31.89" L x 31.1" W x 36.61" H28.66 lb$319.20View on Amazon
Best Bike Trailer for Cargos: Aosom Elite II Bike Cargo33" L x 28.2" W x 30" H39 lb$109.99View on Amazon
Best High-End Bike Trailer: Thule Cougar Two-Child Carrier42" L x 31.5" W x 46.5" H28 lb$789.95View on Amazon

A bike trailer makes it more convenient to tow a child, cargos, or pets instead of carrying them around or putting them on bikes. The three types of bike trailers are those for kids, those for cargo, and those for pets. Out of the three, however, the most popular use for bike trailers nowadays is for bringing small children along during cycling activities.

Bike trailers are perfect for sharing fitness habits with children. Bringing children along also makes for a good bonding experience, and a chance for children to enjoy the outdoors. Riding a bike with a trailer in tow also adds to the exercise and helps strengthen the legs. Bringing a bike trailer instead of a bike can also help reduce pollution and can even help save up on gas.

Features of Bike Trailers

Bike trailers for kids can be enclosed, or can be a trailer bike. An enclosed trailer merely lets the child sit and be comfortable without the need to pedal their trailer. It is meant for smaller kids who cannot ride a bike yet, or for those who will most likely be tired from the journey. Some bike trailers also have the capacity to fit two children at a time. Trailer bikes are for young ones who cannot fully ride a bike on their own yet. They have the option to pedal, or just to take it easy and enjoy the ride. Unlike bike trailers, they are open and may have pedals.

A cargo bike trailer allows riders to bring personal gear on long trips. When the destination is reached, it is easy to unhook the trailer and just leave them for the meantime. Some cargo trailers have the ability to be converted into carts that can be used in the groceries or markets. When using a cargo bike trailer on uneven surfaces, it is advisable to choose one that has suspension, in order to minimize the jolt that the gear experiences. It also helps ensure a more maneuverable and smoother ride for the cyclist.

Bike trailers for pets are usually enclosed and tend to be bigger than cargo trailers. They will have no seats, and the bottoms are typically made from plastic. Proper enclosure should also be provided in order to prevent pets from jumping out or from touching the wheels.

Other features that could be considered when choosing an appropriate bike trailer are the seat type, size, storage, wheels, suspension, brakes, handlebars, bottom type, external covers, safety features, and budget.

The following list discusses the best bike trailers today that were rated excellent in their individual categories.

Best Bike Trailer Overall – Pacific Cycle Schwinn Trailblazer

The Pacific Cycle Schwinn Trailblazer is perfect for hauling shopping loads, or towing little ones along.



The bike is reinforced with a tough but lightweight aluminum frame, making it stable and safe to transport loads up to 100 lbs. Attaching the trailer on a bike requires minimum effort as most bike models will easily connect to the coupler.

Pacific Cycle Schwinn Trailblazer

Set up and unhitching is a breeze. The Schwinn trailer is also convertible to a stroller, and the detachable wheels makes it easy to fold and store the trailer. The zipper flap of the dual canopy of the Schwinn bike trailer may be closed in case of bad weather, or zipped up when it gets too hot. There are pockets located at the sides and may be used by kids to store their drinks or snacks.

The rubberized handle bar can be set at different levels to get the best maneuverability. Any one riding the Schwinn bike trailer will surely feel cozy with the soft seat paddings and adequate protection.

– highly functional
– convertible to a stroller
– easy to unfold and set up

– sit is very upright
– coupler too big for most bike rear hubs
– low foot space


Best Value for Money Bike Trailer – InStep Take 2 Double

The Instep Take 2 Double bike trailer is fitted with a robust steel frame and hull that makes every ride smooth, even on uneven ground. Adaptable 16-inch pneumatic rubber wheels provide a good grip on various surfaces, and are even detachable.


The bike trailer offers trouble-free set up and dismount. Children will be comfortable and protected with the double canopy that acts as a cover against weather elements and troublesome insects.


InStep Take 2 Double

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A stroller kit also makes it possible to convert the bike trailer into a kid’s stroller. Folding and assembly of the Instep Take 2 requires little effort, and the wheels can easily be removed with a push release lever. The frame folds with the sides going inward, and once folded can easily be stored almost anywhere because of its compact structure.

– affordable
– compact when folded
– 5-point harness

– big wheels
– weather protection is not so great
– ideal for short trips only


Best Durable Bike Trailer – Burley Design Bee

The Burley Bee is a robust bike trailer equipped with a large area for cargos, and a design that allows the unit to be folded flat. It is worth noting that it was certified for safety by the American Society for Testing and Materials.




The internal of the Burley Bee is made with an aluminum roll cage that provides superb protection for passengers.

Burley Design Bee

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A water-resistant fabric and UV protected windows give extra comfort and safety to little ones who will ride the bike trailer.

Assembly of the Burly Bee is straightforward, with the internal cage bars just needing to be pulled together and latching them afterwards. Wheel removal is also simple using a push button axle type wheels.

– durable
– affordableyes
– lightweight

– no suspension
– seat is not padded
– cannot be converted to a stroller


Best Jogger Bike Trailer – Allen Sports Child Jogger

The Allen Sports Child Jogger is a bike trailer that readily converts into a jogger. A weather and insect shield, together with shock-absorbing wheels, provides a comfortable ride for the passengers.




Assembly is simple with the instruction manual that is provided. Pins with built-in lock are painless to use. In Allen Sports Child jogger mode, wrist straps are provided to prevent the bike from rolling way.

Allen Sports Child Jogger

Parking brakes are basically straps that are used to clip through the back wheels. In bike trailer mode, the wheels are held back by a coupling that is placed under the nut.

– extremely easy to set up
– adjustable handle bar
– easy to push

– not much seat padding
– no suspension
– seat doesn’t recline


Best Versatile Bike Trailer – Aosom Elite II 3-in-1 Double

The Aosom Elite II is a great way to take children out while providing them with the utmost comfort and safety. This bike trailer is stable and loaded with safety pictures, giving parents peace of mind when taking children along while jogging or walking around the block.




The comfortable cabin is spacious and can carry children up to 88 lbs. The steel frame, hand lock brake system, locking swivel front tire, and suspension system, all contribute in creating a safe and cozy means of transportation for little ones.

Aosom Elite II 3-in-1 Double

The Asom Elite II allows easy attachment to bikes with its hitch system. It also has a suspension system that ensures comfortable rides for children, even when traveling on uneven surfaces.

The front wheel can be locked to turn the trailer into a jogger, or can be swiveled to use it as a stroller, effective making the Aosom Elite II 3-in-1 bike trailer.

– can fit 2 children at a time
– versatile
– ample space for cargo at the back

– instructions may be a bit confusing
– heavy
– bulky


Best Bike Trailer for Dogs – Burley Tail Wagon

The Burley Tail Wagon has everything that would make a dog comfortable and safe during transport. It can be easily folded with its quick release wheels, making it also trouble-free to store almost anywhere.




A complete roll cage makes up the frame of the Burley Tail Wagon, providing unparalleled safety even during collisions.

Burley Tail Wagon

A weather cover for the rear and front keeps away harsh weather elements, and mesh side windows allow good ventilation during warm days.

– fast release wheels
– durable
– compact when folded

– heavy
– no 3rd wheel
– cover strap can break


Best Bike Trailer for Cargos – Aosom Elite II Bike Cargo

Although mainly used for transporting groceries and other household cargos, the Aosom Elite II Bike Cargo is also utilized by cyclists to bring personal belongings along with them.


The Aosom Elite cargo trailer can support a maximum of 180 pounds, and has a steel frame with extra support at the bottom.

Aosom Elite II Bike Cargo

It is also roomy with its 35 x 33 x 25” cargo trailer, providing ample space for cargos. A removable cover comes with the bike trailer, offering protection from the elements.

– durable
– removable cover keeps cargos safe
– ample space

– can be a bit heavy
– smaller cargos may fall out
– wheels are not so great


Best High-End Bike Trailer – Thule Cougar Two-Child Carrier

Thule Cougar Two-Child Carrier may be pricier than most bike trailers, but it is certainly justified by this bike trailer’s quality.




Setting up the Thule trailer is simple and straightforward. The system can be seamlessly changed to another in no time at all. Pieces that are not needed can be stored on the cabin. Changing from bike trailer to stroller and vice versa is effortless and efficient. Rides are also smooth and the harnesses and high-quality and comfortable.

– extremely easy setup
– on-board storage for accessories
– versatile

– heavy
– a bit of play at hitch
– children are hard to see