How to Use a Bicycle Trailer for Dogs

Are you planning to ride your bike with your pet? We know that it is not an easy challenge to achieve, but clearly it is possible. So we want to present the solution to the problem: bicycle trailer for dogs.

Cycling with your dog is something that everyone who has a little furry friend has thought of doing. However, it is true that it is the activities with more difficult beginning.

There are dogs that lack the discipline to run alongside your bike and are still learning. Using for example an electric dog training collars, will greatly slow down the ultimate goal. In other cases, your dog may not have the physical ability to keep up with you.

There are also occasions when they are so active that if they see you in motion, they can run away, and at the end, your dog can get lost so you should also resort to other methods like buying a GPS for your dog.

Whatever your situation is, you do not have to suffer any more. For these cases, bicycle trailers are what you need, as they will allow you to take your dog for a “ride”.

Why Use a Dog Bike Trailer?

There are many reasons why it is best to be a driver for your dog instead of running it to your side. Here are some examples:

1. If your puppy is not yet trained to run beside you. Most dogs are healthy enough and have enough energy to run at your side for considerable distances. However, many of them (especially the youngest and curious) are easily distracted, forcing their owners to make detours, to pause and even back. Carrying your dog in a trailer allows you to enjoy the view and all the stimuli from the outside while you enjoy the ride and concentrate on the route. It is a practical solution as you teach your dog how to follow you.

2. If your tour is greater than your dog’s resistance. When you take extremely long routes on your bike, you should on more than one occasion pause for your friend to rest and catch his breath. But if you add a trailer to your bike, your dog can walk until tired and then do the rest of the ride comfortably.

3. If your dog is not enthusiastic to exercise, but wants to go to walks with you. Many dogs, especially breeds with short muzzles like Bulldogs or short-legged like Dachshunds and Corgis adore the exteriors, but lack the physical capacities to run long distances or to great speed or to tow dog on bicycle. These trailers will make it easier for your dog to enjoy the walks abroad without affecting his health.

4. If your dog has mobility problems. Whether due to your advanced age, any congenital or acquired disability, an injury or recovery from surgery, your canine friend may not go as far as he or she should. A bicycle trailer will allow you to go outside and enjoy the outdoors without having to exhaust your energy.