How and Why to Ride Your Bike Without Using Headsets or Earphones

Cycling in the city in a fine weather is very pleasant. In fact, the bike is a very practical means of transportation for half distances within the city, it is quite fast and we also do some sport, which does not do us any harm with the current life that tends to be quite sedentary.

In addition to that, drivers and vehicles are cautious and respectful of cyclists to avoid accidents. But despite that, you must always remember the fundamental aspects when cycling, such as wearing helmets, signals which must be indicated when turning and manoeuvring or respecting the traffic lights like other motorists.

In most countries, the bicycle is considered a vehicle, just like any other. That is to say, the driver of a bicycle is obliged to comply with the same rules of circulation as any other driver, a motorcycle, a car, a bus or a truck.

As we have remembered before, when we are cyclists, we have to walk along the road with the rest of the vehicles and observe all traffic signs. Also, like the other drivers, cyclists can not ride a bicycle and carry sound headphones.

It is indicated most general rules of circulation and traffic laws:

“It is forbidden to drive and use headsets or headphones connected to receivers or sound reproducers, except during the corresponding teaching and the performance of the open circuit aptitude tests to obtain the license to drive two-wheeled motorcycles when required the General Regulations of Drivers.

The use while driving mobile telephone devices and any other means or communication system is prohibited, except when the communication takes place without the use of hands or wearing helmets, headphones or similar instruments. ”

When driving, it is forbidden to use headsets or headphones.

However, the reality is that many bicycle users are not familiar with the regulations and are not clear that they are one more vehicle, and therefore one more driver, with the same obligations. Although there are few, there are still urban cyclists who use headphones while driving, to listen to music or radio.
You have to remind them that they can not do it, and that’s the way it is in all of Spain, it does not depend on the town hall.

Perhaps this problem comes because we usually learn to ride a bike as children, and when we are small the way to use a bicycle is quite different to when we use it as adults, but we have certain customs.

If we go by bike we need all our senses, like any other driver (but hey, if we go in the car too), to be attentive to everything that happens around us. In this case, we need ears to be able to hear the noise of other vehicles, to identify if one is approaching, where it is approaching, if it is going to overtake us, if someone tells us something, if an emergency vehicle comes … etcetera.

So for safety, to try to minimize the risk of an accident, do not forget: when we go on a bike we can not use headphones.